Tanya Bardo Candle Ritual

Tanya Bardo Candle Ritual

Every product in the Tanya Bardo range is designed to make you stop and focus on yourself for a little moment. I’ve recorded a little video of the candle ritual – enjoy!

1)    Make a wish and write it down.

2)    Light your candle, look at the beautiful flame flickering in the air and breathe in the beautiful aroma. You can have a good sniff before you light it if you’re worried about burning your nose hair hehe. Health and safety comes first.

3)    Visualise your wish as if its your reality right now.

4)    Replay this mini movie in your mind each time you light your candle and smell the beautiful fragrance. Give yourself a little moment each time you light your candle, it’s a little trigger for you to stop and focus on you.

5)    Glow in the power of your wishes, and be the best you can be.  I believe in you!  You got this.

Make yourself a priority, take a few moments out, you’re worth it.

I love seeing your stories so make sure you share your little rituals with me.
 Lots of love and light,



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