What are the meanings of angel numbers? A beginners guide…

What are the meanings of angel numbers? A beginners guide…

Much like how angel numbers can differ from one person to another, interpreting their significance in your life can also vary. But there are general guidelines to what they mean, and what they could signify in your life....

000 or 0000 
Something is coming. Big things are possible. 

0 comes before anything else - meaning they represent great potential. It symbolises fresh beginnings and endless possibilities. Seeing zero heralds the start of a new cycle, offering you the chance to manifest your dreams without limits. 

111 or 1111
Your instincts are correct.

Maybe the most well known angel number, the number one holds immense significance as a symbol of manifestation. When you come across one as an angel number, seize the chance to make a wish, set an intention, or sow the seeds of your desires. This occurrence is thought to signify a cosmic "green light," indicating the universe's approval. In this moment, you are supported by extraordinary guidance from your angels, guides, or ancestors.

222 or 2222
You’re in the right place, at the right time. 

Two suggests balance, trust, and alignment. Seeing two as an angel number means you are on the right path, and should continue to trust that you are. It’s also a sign that your angels are looking out for, and continuing to help you on the journey you are on, approving your choices and also leading your way.

333 or 3333
Your spirit guides are with you.

The number three symbolizes spiritual and physical growth, expansion, and manifestation. It is a sign from divine forces that the universe is working in your favor, meaning that your spirit guides support you and are with you. When you encounter the angel number 3, it signifies that your positive mindset and optimistic outlook have attracted plentiful blessings into your life. Remain open and receptive to receiving them.

444 or 4444
You are protected and guided through your journey.

Four symbolises stabilisation. Observing four as an angel number (either within a set of three, four, or within a pattern) suggests that you are in the process of grounding, rooting, and cultivating an infrastructure that's truly built to last. When interacting with four, don't be afraid to ask for help or assistance, especially if you're navigating long-term projects that require specific expertise. Fundamentally, this is about establishing trust that will empower you to reach new heights.

555 or 5555 
Big changes are coming, be ready.

The appearance of the number five indicates significant changes looming ahead. If you've been experiencing feelings of stagnation, constraint, or inspiration, encountering five as an angel number, whether within a group of three, four, or as part of a pattern, suggests that profound shifts may be underway. While these transformations might currently be unfolding discreetly, with key decisions still in deliberation behind the scenes, the presence of five as an angel number reassures you that you're headed in the right direction.

666 or 6666
Take a step back and reflect on your higher purpose. 

While some people are a bit fearful of the number six (especially when it’s 666) because of its association with the devil, six serves as a gentle yet essential reminder to extend kindness and self-compassion to oneself. It says give yourself time and grace to look at your achievements and what you want to achieve, Although circumstances may not always unfold as anticipated, with angel number six by your side, you possess the ability to interpret situations according to your choosing, acknowledging that everything unfolds for a purpose.

777 or 7777
The angels are with you. Luck is coming your way.


When it comes to angel numbers, seven has as much luck as it does in a casino! Encountering seven within a group of three, four, or as part of a pattern signifies potential good fortune, particularly in financial matters. Prepare for new opportunities in the realm of money to emerge, urging you to venture beyond your usual boundaries. What might start as short-term endeavours could evolve into stable, lucrative sources of income. 

888 or 8888
You’re manifesting abundance. Everything is falling into place.


Among the most revered numbers in numerology is eight, and encountering this digit as an angel number signifies a profound connection to the spiritual realm. For those who hold faith in an afterlife, eights may signal divine assistance from departed loved ones. It also denotes abundance in life, showing that your manifestations are coming true. Essentially, eight symbolises infinity, that of you, your manifestations and the universe itself. Embrace your intuition when the angel number eight appears!

999 or 9999
You’re reaching the end of a cycle.

As the final digit  in numerology, nine indicates that a significant chapter may be drawing to a close. When nine is seen as an angel number, whether within a trio, quartet, or forming a pattern, it signals the potential conclusion of a meaningful cycle, marking the onset of a new journey. This juncture presents an opportune moment to go beyond familiar boundaries, broaden your perspectives, and embark on new adventures. Whether contemplating a career change or pursuing further education, rest assured that the universe will fully back your bold decisions.

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