How To Use Our Intentional Jewellery To Manifest Your Dream Life

How to focus your intentions with our meaningful jewellery

1.⁠ ⁠Decide what you want to manifest.
Determine your life goals in relationships, career, finances, home life, and family.

2.⁠ ⁠Write it down.
Writing it down provides clarity and focus. It also gives purpose to your thoughts and words—making them tangible and fixed, and nearly 50% more likely to be achieved.

3.⁠ ⁠Embody it.
Symbolise your aspirations with a tangible object like a necklace, using it as a constant reminder to stay connected to your dreams and goals. Consistent focus on your desires tends to manifest them in your life. 

Our intentional & meaningful jewellery

Use the power of symbolism and intention to manifest your dreams, focus your intentions, create your dream life, and connect with your angels.

Manifestation ritual

Use your manifestation ritual when you first put on your jewellery, whilst you set your intention. Write out what you want this piece of jewellery to represent, and what you want to achieve with that focus. This activates your subconcious, and will remind it each time you think about your jewellery. 

Affirmation cards 

Affirmations have incredible power to help us empower ourselves, increase our confidence and become who we know we truly are. 

The Final Touches

Every piece of Tanya Bardo meaningful jewellery includes: Premium branded Tanya Bardo gift box, A suede pouch, A manifestation ritual and Affirmation cards