Why Tanya loves mindful rings - How fidget rings help with her anxiety, stress and neurodivergence

Why Tanya loves mindful rings - How fidget rings help with her anxiety, stress and neurodivergence

Hi everyone! It’s Tanya here! I wanted to write a quick blog to talk about our newest Tanya Bardo product, our Limited Edition ADHD Mindful Ring. I love these rings for helping with my constant restlessness and fidgeting caused by my ADHD. They are also great for helping distract busy, anxious and stressed minds. They’re known by a few names, including fidget rings, mindful rings, stress rings and more.

Not many people know this but I've actually severely struggled with picking my fingers for as long as I can remember. I’ve hidden it for years, during events, photoshoots, and online, despite it often reaching the point of bleeding and being incredibly sore. It’s a compulsive habit that worsens when I am really stressed or busy. Repetitive habits like this are common amongst many people in the UK, linked to neurodivergence as well as stress and anxiety. This behaviour is actually a form of stimming. Stimming, or self-stimulatory behaviour, involves repetitive movements or noises that individuals, especially those with autism or sensory processing difficulties, use to self-regulate. It serves as a coping mechanism, providing comfort, focus, or relief from being overwhelmed by what’s around us. 

My hands are often sore from my constant cuticle and finger picking.

I discovered fidget rings a few years ago during a particularly bad period of skin picking when my thumbs were extremely sore. Redirecting my habit to spinning these rings led to noticeable improvements in skin soreness and a reduction in overall picking. They helped me so much and so many people reach out to me on Tanya Bardo about ADHD, mental health and stress that I thought, wouldn’t it be great to get them onto the shop. 

Our Limited Edition ADHD Mindful Ring.

Here are four reasons to consider a fidget ring if you face similar issues:

  1. Helps encourage calm, leading to better focus: Fidget rings are a discreet way to manage stress and anxiety. Being able to do subtle, repetitive movements can calm the mind, which can then improve focus and concentration in various settings.

  2. Encourages better mental health: Regular use of a fidget ring can enhance overall mental well-being. Helping to reduce bad habits to relieve stress, as well as relieving the stress and anxiety itself, means that these types of rings can help us feel more balanced and grounded.

  3. Portable stress relief: These are so discreet! Yet it’s always in your hands, ready for you to use… Especially great for me when I could forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on.

  4. Suitable for all ages! These are also great for teenagers and children who suffer from these same issues. They are less conspicuous than other fidget devices which is also great if they are self-conscious.

    All profits of these rings will go to the charity ADHD.uk which works to positively change what it means to have ADHD in the UK. They provide vital information, support, funding of research, advocate for ADHD sufferers and also help to raise awareness of ADHD. 

    Love, Tanya x

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