Our Story

At Tanya Bardo we love all things positive, inspirational and fabulous. Tanya started the company back in 2013. It all began with her bestselling life coaching book ‘Just a Girl Who Got It All – How You Can Have Your All Too’. It was this passion for the power of positive thinking which inspired the concept for the Dreams to Reality Jewellery range. The concept has now into meaningful manifestation jewellery, journals and more.

It all started when Tanya was on maternity with her daughter Gabriella. She was a single mum living at home with her parents, the thought of returning to her stressful job working in a call centre was filling her with dread. She knew she wanted something different, and a life that pursued her passions, so she decided it was time to think differently...

She had big dreams of one day becoming a model, but never thought in a million years that it could ever be possible.

One day she read an article on the power of positive thinking and this marked a major turning point in her life.

Tanya became obsessed with everything to do with manifestation and practiced the techniques religiously, training her mind to believe that she could achieve her dreams.

With this new attitude and approach to life, Tanya began to change her life dramatically. In time, she realised that she wanted to show others how to create the same results in their lives.

We Believe In Dreams

The Tanya Bardo brand is all about turning your dreams into your reality, encouraging self belief, confidence and the determination to take action and make things happen. We are all about empowerment, strength and motivation with a little bit of feistiness thrown in for good measure.

What does a Tanya Bardo woman look like? She’s strong, confident, caring, doesn’t take any nonsense and knows her own mind. This independent lady is going to get things done no matter what. People want to be around her, to share in her positive outlook on life. It’ll never be a dull moment with this lady.

And the guys are just as motivated and driven, they have a firm belief that they can make things happen and won't stop until its reality. We have a strong community of 'Bardo Angels' who know the power of positive thinking. Our Bardo Angels also love coming to our events where we deep dive into everything manifestation, supporting each other and our dreams.

Our intentional & meaningful jewellery

Use the power of symbolism and intention to manifest your dreams, focus your intentions, create your dream life, and connect with your angels.

Manifestation ritual

Use your manifestation ritual when you first put on your jewellery, whilst you set your intention. Write out what you want this piece of jewellery to represent, and what you want to achieve with that focus. This activates your subconcious, and will remind it each time you think about your jewellery. 

Affirmation cards 

Affirmations have incredible power to help us empower ourselves, increase our confidence and become who we know we truly are. 

The Final Touches

Every piece of Tanya Bardo meaningful jewellery includes: Premium branded Tanya Bardo gift box, A suede pouch, A manifestation ritual and Affirmation cards