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Meditation & Manifestation Gift Set

Meditation & Manifestation Gift Set

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Renew, reconnect and recharge. The power of love and connection...

Our gorgeous Tanya Bardo candle gift set comes with our bestselling Manifestation Pot Candle, with a healing Rose Quartz Heart Crystal, and purifying Palo Santo. It's perfect for when you feel as if your energy around you or your own energy needs some loving care and cleansing. Light the candle, cleanse your energy and focus your intentions on your Rose Quartz Heart Crystal.

Palo Santo: Cleanse your & energy

For thousands of years, this fragrant wood has been ritualistically burned to cleanse a space of bad energy and attract positive energies. Light to cleanse your space and your own energy. Our Palo Santo is the highest quality possible, taken only from renewable forests.

Rose Quartz Heart Crystal: The ultimate stone of love and self-love.

A healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. It's believed by many to emit strong vibrations of love, which are thought to: support emotional and relationship healing, inspire compassion and boost feelings of peace and calm.

Manifestation Pot Candle: Light the candle to focus your intention and manifestations. 

This scent has been specifically designed to help inspire you.
Opulent notes of plum, cassis and berries are given depth with spices of calming cinnamon and clove. Jasmine and rose bring happiness and strength, surrounded by sweet Patchouli, sensual vanilla and grounding moss to complete this sophisticated fragrance.

- Gift box contains: One Manifestation Pot Candle, one Palo Santo stick, one Rose Quartz Heart Crystal.


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Each piece of our jewellery comes with an intention card...

Three ways to fulfil your intentions

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2.⁠ ⁠Write it down. Writing it down provides clarity, focus and purpose..

3.⁠ Embody it. Symbolise your aspirations with your necklace, using it as a constant reminder to stay connected to your dreams and goals...

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